Bay of Quinte Marketing Board TV Advertisements

Bay of Quinte RMB has a couple of different platforms for providing visitors with tourism information – maps, discovery guides, kiosks, and televisions screens at hotels, malls, and visitor centres in the Belleville and surrounding area. They went through a complete rebrand in 2018 and so the TV needed some updating. I had the opportunity to completely redesign the layout, images, and assets, adding the new fonts, colours, icons, and logo to the project. The small side panel rotates through local partner advertisements and travel packages. The large panels rotate through very simple and to-the-point facts about regions, large events, partners, and things to do. I made the design very clean and simple, keeping the images eye-catching and the copy minimal and easy to read from a distance.

To see more of the slides (there is currently a total of 105), please email me or check out one of the 14 screens across the region in hotels and the Quinte Mall.