The Calgary Stampede is one of the largest events in Canada, and every year McDonald’s creates an offer to make the event even more enjoyable. This year I had the opportunity to work on the email and social portion of the campaign. We had some creative freedom with the email design, so I redesigned the classic Coca-Cola glass to have bullhorns and a lasso to integrate the Stampede them.

The module and banner design follow the same design style as the email to keep the campaign consistent, but it encourages users to download My McD’s app.  The final portion of the campaign is a social media video that involves a focus on the offer, the My McD’s app, and the event. The production studio at DDB animated my storyboard design to be deployed on Instagram.

Copywriter: Tori Whyte (DDB Canada)

Web banner
Storyboard for Instagram GIF

McDonald’s and Calgary Stampede 2018 mobile email design