The final project for my Media Strategies class in college was to pick a company and rebrand its target market, values, and overall design. I chose Reid’s Dairy (Belleville) because of the sentiment, memories enjoying their products as a kid (and as an adult) and their focus on local farming and community engagement. Reid’s Dairy only uses local and freshest food in the Bay of Quinte area to support Canadian farmers and local artisans to make their dairy products.

Reid’s Dairy’s brand currently features an illustration of a cow (created in the early 1990s) to create a kid-friendly atmosphere. My thought was to focus more on the local, green, and community aspect of the brand. I created wireframes, designed the website, a simple stationary piece for posters and editorial ads, and a billboard because the location is a great stop for tourists/locals driving on Highway-401. The design is a clean, earthy, and eye-catching call out to the local farmers of the region.

Art direction, design, and copywriting all done by me.